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    • Firms and shapes the skin on the abdomen
    • Featuring Chlorella Vulgaris, which is known for its skin-tightening and waste-removing effect
    • The Indian moth (Coleus Forskohlii) has amazing effects in accelerating fat burning and weight management
    • Visible results guaranteed in 14 days

    Product details

    • NOURISHES your skin with the best collagen-promoting ingredients for weight loss
    • SLIMMING – works as a muscle relaxant, leaving your skin smooth and toned
    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – contains a gentle, yet effective formula perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin
    • Chlorella vulgaris, caffeine and other ingredients greatly stimulate skin regeneration and consequently improve skin structure
    • For quick results use it with a body wrap or a sauna vest
    • Naturally encourages weight loss
    • Volume: 100 ml

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